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Technologies Coexisting

Even though advancing the national objective of “broadband for all” will encourage the development of new technologies, make lives better, and advance the public good, there continues to be forces at play that are intent on stopping this objective in its tracks.

These obstacles, in the form of special interest groups, are taking extensive measures that—if successful—will prevent competition, consumer choice, and innovation.

In particular, the GPS industry has repeatedly thrown up roadblocks and relied on scare tactics to slow America’s progress. The truth is that some GPS devices use spectrum that is licensed to others. Luckily, members of the Wireless for America alliance have found a solution to this, too.

The Solution Means Consumers will be Unaffected

The GPS devices in consumer devices like cell phones, dashboard GPS receivers, and integrated car navigation systems have already been fixed – with no action or cost to the consumer. At its own cost, LightSquared reduced the power of its land-based transmitters and shifted its signal away from GPS frequencies. This will eliminate concerns of interference for more than 99 percent of GPS receivers in use today.

The remaining GPS units are known as “high precision” and are used by some in agriculture and government applications. Once again, interference concerns with these faulty devices have been resolved by members of the Wireless for America alliance.

The Solution is Affordable

For users of general use GPS, the solution is free.

For high-precision GPS receivers, a number of companies have already developed inexpensive solutions. Existing faulty devices that sell for as much as $20,000 can be fixed for just $300.

The Solution Works for Future Devices, too

Manufacturers of high-precision receivers are concerned that fixing their poorly-designed devices will be expensive. However, the solution is a $6 filter that is identical in shape and other specifications to those already used in many of these devices. It can quickly be integrated into the manufacturing processes of the suppliers currently building defective devices.

The Solutions Won’t Cost Taxpayers Anything

The independently-financed alliance member LightSquared has pledged $50 million to retrofit all high-precision GPS receivers in use by the government. This will ensure that troops who train at domestic bases are better equipped than ever.

The Solution Needs Your Support

The choice for this nation is clear: New broadband networks, using the most advanced and fastest technologies, will be created. Millions of Americans will have access; thousands of jobs will be generated now and many more in the future; real choice will arrive for consumers; innovative start-ups will be able to compete with the established incumbents.

Or the entrenched players will put a stop to American innovation, stifle potential job creation, and limit consumer choice to good or good enough, and expensive or more expensive.

This situation cannot stand. Please tell Congress that America deserves 21st century broadband for all, and it needs it now.