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Act Now! Contact the FCC

Tell the FCC that the wireless industry needs more competition and more coverage!

The FCC is asking for your comments by December 17th on a proposal made by LightSquared to create a new nationwide mobile broadband network that will benefit everyone concerned about mobile data prices, reliability and coverage.

This is your chance to tell the FCC how you feel about the state of the wireless industry:

  • Are you paying too much for mobile data? The competition generated by LightSquared’s wholesale network will help reduce prices by enabling multitudes of carriers, content developers and device manufacturers to compete in the provision of LTE-enabled devices.
  • Are your calls dropping? Are photos taking too long to share? Are videos constantly buffering? Tell the FCC that you want better coverage and service reliability, especially in rural America, and LightSquared and its partners will provide it.
  • LightSquared’s proposal to share spectrum with the government is an innovative idea in the public interest to increase the efficiency with which our nation uses scarce spectrum. The FCC should allow this fresh approach to unleash growth and advancement throughout the country!

Click here to file a comment with the FCC!

Thank you joining thousands of others in writing to the FCC in supporting less expensive, more reliable mobile broadband service for all America.