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What is Wireless for America?

October 10, 2011 | 0 Comments

America’s airwaves are congested and getting more congested every day. Smart phones consume 24 more data on average than a regular cell phone. A tablet consumes five times as much network capacity as a smart phone. In 24 months, wireless data capacity will run out and the information streaming to our phones and tablets will come to a stand-still.

The good news is that innovative companies are developing solutions, and the Wireless for America alliance members are providing the technology and services that will keep the United States online well into the future. Through the build out of more terrestrial transmitters, launching new satellites, and development of more advanced technologies, wireless services in America will reach further, carry more data, and deliver more services than ever before.

Unfortunately, legacy industries have a hold on Washington, D.C. They know our service will be better and our prices will be lower – and don’t want competition. They know they’ve lacked innovation and this has slowed America’s ability to launch next generation services. They claim new players in the wireless space will cause interference issues — using scare tactics to shift the blame and maintain “business as usual.”

But we know coexistence is possible. To address these attacks, Wireless for America alliance member LightSquared optimized its technology, worked with American small businesses to develop a solution for niche devices, and offered to help fix defective products.

Now, we need your support. Tell Congress and the FCC that you’ve had it with politics and special interests holding America back from its full potential. Tell your family and friends about the promise of better, faster, farther-reaching wireless access and share your own stories on our Facebook and Twitter profiles. Keep coming back to WirelessforAmerica.org for the latest news and more ways to get involved in ensuring America has the wireless network it deserves.