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GPS Expert Demonstrates Wireless Technology Coexistence

November 17, 2011 | 0 Comments

“LightSquared can complement GPS. Not only can [it] coexist, it can complement.”

That’s how Javad Ashjaee, the father of precision GPS, began his 45 minute presentation to the National Space-based Positioning, Navigation, and Timing Advisory Board. The meeting included representatives from GPS manufacturers, the military, the scientific community, and the Wireless for America Alliance.

A true innovator, Dr. Ashjaee developed the original code for high precision GPS units and has been leading the charge to develop solutions to the GPS-LightSquared interference issue.

As Dr. Ashjaee has reiterated several times in recent months, the interference issue results from GPS units that do not use the proper filters to avoid listening into LightSquared’s licensed spectrum frequencies. But, unlike some of his counterparts in the GPS industry who claimed that a solution to this interference caused by GPS devices was not possible, Dr. Ashjaee applied his experience to the issue and quickly developed solutions that not only correct the issue – but actually improve the performance of some technologies.

Further, Dr. Ashjaee is in the process of manufacturing the first devices that will include the proper communications hardware to co-exist with the LightSquared network. This technology will power the next generation of precision GPS equipment, devices used in industries such as farming, surveying and construction that can transmit and receive information at 4G speeds.

Wireless for America believes that the coexistence between GPS, 4G, and other wireless technologies is essential to meeting America’s growing demand for spectrum. Thanks to Dr. Ashjaee, we also know that clever engineering can do more than ensure that these technologies work side-by-side – they can be packaged together to deliver even better services.